What was it I wonder, about the stars that night. They were distracting, alluring, and more radiant than they had ever been. It was the kind of night that was built for making memories, and experiencing happy times. The kind of night where lovers embraced and the world would seem just a little less terrible. It was such a shame, to die under such beautiful stars.
I don't think about my death that often anymore. I suppose at some point I just got used to it. Sometimes, though, it haunts me with implacable fury and I can remember all the terrifying little details. Figures barely seen in the dark, a fear that grabbed my stomach with unyielding force and paralyzed my legs transforming them into granite, and even the sucking pop of the wound actually opening.
Of course, I'd rather go through that a thousand times than stay here in hell. I always imagined hell would be a place of boiling furnaces and scary monsters torturing me constantly. What a waste of imagination, hell is living in the same world dyed white and desaturated without another soul to be seen despite an eternity of walking. Hell is this fucking highway I've been walking down for three days now.
Ahead there isn't much, just some shacks and more endless tracts of desert. Once I would have bothered to search the shacks for people. I just keep on walking, following the road to some unknown destination. No glimmer of hope dared to enter my heart these days, they were all too afraid to get crushed.
I'm not sure how I could have missed her in the time between seconds. The woman in the red dress standing barefoot in the middle of the road ahead. Her pale complexion blending her skin with the surroundings, but the red almost painful to my desensitized eyes. Who was she could have crossed my mind, but instead the word 'beautiful' just kept replaying like a broken vinyl.
Before I could regain thought she was inches away, and in those inches I could feel something more. It was as if it wasn't space, but liquid tension that occupied the space between us. Her hand grazed my leg and the tension broke in an instant, forcing my hand as I grasped at her and wept. I was ashamed, so ashamed, but so relieved to finally touch a living being again.
She cooed to me, kind words in a kind tone. The past melted away, burned off by the brilliance of the woman in the red dress, freeing my mind to see the world anew. My mind was always two steps ahead of my heart, my mind had already identified this woman, this kind and beautiful stranger in the red dress. But my heart persevered, with the help of my arms it just kept embracing the succubus in the red dress.
When finally she pulled away, she took my hand with her. We began to walk as she leaned on me, the two of us pressing forward earnestly. Finally I understood the truest cruelty of hell. This succubus would surely eat my soul, but in truth, I'll be giving it to her bit by bit just to keep her by my side.

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