It's November which means...

That's right everybody it's NaNoWriMo! Of course, I won't be writing a novel so I'm not so sure why it excites me this much, but any excuse to write prodigious amounts of content is a good excuse. I'm going to be channeling that into an interactive fiction game for a bit. Also I'm planning on hanging out at the library as much as possible for the next little bit.

I just want to tack this on.
Dear internet people,
if you are going to call someone retarded, stupid, or ignorant, make sure everything in your post, including the word retarded, is spelled correctly and uses proper grammar. I'm not generally that bad of a spelling/grammar nazi, but for god's sake if you're going act smart... act smart.

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  1. Btw, there is a contest over at www.thedeadrobotssociety.com to enter a short story piece by the end of November. I'm entering a story i've been toying with the last few months or so, just for fun. The many prizes include a signed copy of out of print Ancestor by Scott Sigler. Good luck!