Sorry, sorry

I'm falling a bit behind on posting here. My internet has been terribly spotty the last couple days, preventing me from catching up. I'll do my best to resolve the situation.


  1. I'm sure you've said as much to me before -- don't worry about it. ;)

    My own internet (or even computer) presence is going to be sporadic at best over the next two weeks or so. It's coming up on Thanksgiving here in the US anyway, so we'll probably just disappear into the mass.

  2. Bah. Couldn't care less if you posted more infrequently: the quality and thought in the posts -the quality - easily overcomes the frequency - the amount - of the postings.

    I'm guilty of infrequent postings. I put too much emphasis on my playing, and too little on the posting.

    Just as long as you remember to leave note at the door when you close the shop. OK?


  3. Well, I can only hope that my posts would count as being quality posts. ~.^