Lies in advertisement.

I just saw a WotLK advertisement that said, and I quote, "You're definition of epic will be shattered."

My definition of epic is a clash of armies spanning an entire continent, while fighting in the shadow of hundreds of colossal war machines twelve stories tall. Playing out a feud older than human history while their leaders fight in a valley scorched bare by warfare. Decimating the ground beneath them with the weight of their blows and reshaping the landscape with every missed attack. It's the watchful eyes of an immortal being as she decides whether to lock the world into an ice age ending the conflict once and for all, or to spare the last vestige of her long dead line. It's the destruction of entire cities in the blink of an eye and the construction of cosmopolitan cities in a decade.

Compared to someone raising yet another army of undead so that a veritable army of computer geeks can take turns striking him down, after killing some more boars of course... Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see what comes down the blogging grapevine.

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