And another one goes down

Well, my sub for WAR is officially canceled and the game itself is off my hdd.

Still, it didn't make my list of "I wish I'd never bought that in the first place". The Witcher and Neverwinter Nights 2 are the sole heirs to that particular throne.


  1. Why did you quit? I'm still playing but thinking about it.

    The big flaw for me is the lack of population.

  2. Well, for many of the reasons I've left other MMOs. Lack population actually didn't particularly factor in at all.

    Most of all, it's that my characters had the personality of bricks. Even if you take the time to enjoy the quest texts and the interesting characters in those texts, my character isn't an interesting character when interacting with the world. It doesn't tell me 'my story', nor the story of 'a character'.

    Beyond that, the underdeveloped sense of economy, and a world without downtime means that everything outside of PvP feels incredibly grindy once you pass a certain level. PvP was fun, but often times it felt a lot too random, as people's power could shift by insane margins over the course of a couple levels and an indistinguishable change in gear.

  3. Sorry late responder on this one. My laptop has been down for couple weeks to to failed video card. I could defintely see this coming. I think today's mmo'ers look at wow as the example now, and those that played wow rate games on how wow played "most not all". That being said, I had absolutely no will to play WAR in the first place. I never liked the table top game, I thought it was boring and dull and lacked imagination, but of course that is only my opinion. To me it was like playing 3D Risk, and risk is a pretty boring game that you play on a rainy sunday. well thats my 2cents on it anyways.