And Jules Verne leaped out of his time machine and approached the man sitting towards the center of the bar. "Are you the so called 'King of Rock and Roll'?"

"And if I am?"

"Then history needs you! Sparta needs a king!"

"Well, good thing I'm The King then."

And in the next second they were gone...



Just under deadline by my clock...






#22 NSFW

I don't really have anything clever to say about this one.



Just a drawing, having fun with the new tablet.


Progress Update

Pax Imperator

So in the land of my current game project, I'm having some trouble changing the color of the background. On the plus side, I managed to take a quick proof of concept with a single planet, and extend it out to having multiple planets and a camera. Next step is probably going to be some basic UI.

Fallout 3 Modding

I recently picked up Fallout 3 and it's been an eminently entertaining diversion. I also have it modded to high heaven and back... So I decided that I might as do some modding of my own for it. This has thus far produced the texture recolors for the faction seen here, the pistol I posted last night, and a triple damage mod that actually doesn't make the wasteland much more dangerous, but certainly makes the main character much more deadly.

A bit of thought as to the background of the faction, they are essentially a matriarchal society that sprung up around the survivors of Fort Knox. They weren't a serious power early on due to an alliance of four major raider gangs controlling Texas and the surrounding area. However, a GECK in a nearby vault malfunctioned and rather than terraforming the area it instead caused the growth of a single enormous tree. The tree then became a symbol of hope in the wastes and a new religion sprang up around it as people came in from all corners of Kentucky and Tennessee to be near it. The resulting increase in manpower, combined with their already formidable training program from some former spec ops members among them resulted in their coming to dominate the area. During early encounters with the enclave they stole a great deal of tech. Their access to surpluses of gold has allowed them consistently stay ahead of the pack in terms of electronics manufacturing. This has lead them into many head on confrontations with the Brotherhood of Steel.


Hopefully I'll get the chance to fix the texture, but otherwise, I'm kind of proud of this baby. 908 tris in all.



The big 2-0. This one took much longer than I usually spend, hopefully it shows...



Due to some forgetfulness on my part, today's Spartan wound up being a sketch.



Thanks to a very generous donation, the new tablet is in the mail and I'll be getting that eye exam here shortly. Yay ^.^.

The last item on the list is the monitor, and then it all goes to Child's Play after that. So we're only at #18 so far, plenty of time ahead of me on this.



more word-stuff next post, when, hopefully, my internet can hold a connection longer than five minutes.













after getting my ass royally handed to me this weekend, I've decided to switch to a weekday only posting schedule for the Spartans. Sometimes I just need days to veg after someone decides to drop major bombs on me, and the weekends seem to work very well for that.



"How can you tell he's a Spartan?"
"He's in the middle of the radioactive badlands trying to fucking shank me."
"And that makes him Spartan?"
"No that makes him the spokesperson for the god damn W-H-O. YES it makes him a FUCKING SPARTAN."

A bit late

A bit late on it, but here is a laconian.



A day

So today has been a terrible day for me. It's got me working on a painting, but this one is going to be a long one, so today you get the bad joke.


Sons of Laconia: #7

Every seventh drawing I'll reiterate the purpose here, in case someone has just come along.

From the original posting:
For the next 300 days I'm going to draw a Spartan a day in the hopes of receiving a $1US donation for each Spartan. If I collect enough to take care of [my eye examination/glasses, a new tablet, and a new monitor], then all excess afterwards will be donated to Child's Play.

The Rules
If you leave a note with the donation for a Spartan themed request I'll try and fit it in as soon as I see it and can get to it.
Spartan is more of a theme. If I have to draw 300 Thermopylae ready Spartans I'll go mad. Expect a smattering of sci-fi and other high concept Spartans.
If other artists want to take part in this, contact me and hopefully we'll be able to work something out. To be honest I won't feel completely comfortable accepting help until I've reached a point where all the money is going to charity.
Lastly if nobody is donating, I'll probably keep on trucking with this anyways. Probably.

#7: A Spartan Pays the League it's Dues

Shut Up We're Talking #62

Common Sense Gamer: SUWT #62

I was recently a guest on Shut Up We're Talking. The topics were the sparkle pony and Ebert's comments on games as art. You can find the full show through the link.




Busy day led to less of a painting than I'd like. Good news is it's the first sci-fi entry.


#4: Loose the Elephants

Here we are at the fourth entry. A pair of Spartans face off against a mighty elephant.