Space Dashboard Confessional

My name is Sara, and I am addict.

I had my first encounter with the rocks back in 2007. It began with a bantam and some veld... that grew to jaspet and heimophrite. Before I knew it I was strung out on triclinic bistot, jonesing for a fix of zydrine.

My Osprey wound up tricked out, special mining enhancing spinners, and cpu enhancing rims. I couldn't help myself, investing in a clone to take care of my trafficking. Before long it was getting dangerous, and I'd already found myself on the wrong side of a few poddings. I knew I had to get out, so I took a deep breathe and walked away. It worked for a while, I could keep myself out of the game, tell myself what I was doing was just as good, just as worth it. But a few days ago I crumbled, and there I am, sucking in some veld while I haul for myself.

But hey, a retriever is only about a week off...

I'm playing EVE again, and even reactivated my second account.


  1. 'You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave'