Well, I just got back from watching the Watchmen. (Yes I watch the watchmen, so that answers that question.)

I'm not sure I can really..... It's going to take some time to articulate my feelings on this. I definitely loved the movie, but I loved it because of having read the book. Also there is some of the opinions of people who haven't read the book going around that kind of give me epilepsy when I try to find the rationale behind them.

Anyways, short review, great movie, and read the fucking comic book.


  1. I'll watch it eventually, but I'm in no hurry. I never read the comic.

  2. I would say read the comic before watching the movie. The movie is good as a parred down version, you'll certainly get the gist, but you won't really get the genius of the presentation offered by the comic. There are a few more story lines and motifs twisting around the comic that are made better by, and in turn make better, the main storyline, but aren't in the movie.

  3. i've not read the comic either, but just saw the movie this last week (yeah took me while). I had heard reviews that it didn't do to well, so I instantly threw those out and said Now I have to see it if critics don't like it, as they are per usual complete idiots. So my 1st impression, I defintely need to read the comic now. The movie gave me just enough information to get the gist of who they were and what they did in this alternate earth but it didn't really elaborate to much. There seems to be a whole world behind some of these characters that could have been fleshed out in another hour's worth of movie time. Great movie, dark, dangerous and gritty...but books are always better then movies anyway.