This should probably go on twitter, but I'm uncertain of the language rules for the medium. On to the micro blog message.

I keep reading about BSG and Dollhouse, and think, "maybe I should plug in my cable..." Then I remember the rest of TV and think, "fuck it".


  1. Dollhouse is on Hulu! No need for cable! :) (BSG might be too, I'm not sure)

  2. Doh, Cuppy beat me to it.

    BSG seems to be only partially on there? Dunno, I googled it real quick. You get to do the real work! ;)

  3. My netflix library is backed up to high heaven, and I'm barely on Jericho season 2 now, with Doctor Who and Red Dwarf enough to last me a few years so I may not get around to checking it out for a little while. Still I'm sure the mood will strike me at some point and I'll find myself on Hulu consuming all that stands before me.