Hmm, we can't sell that.

Okay so we're trying to a make an RTS-
A computer game.
-Like I said, an RTS. Now what races do we want?
Do we really need different races? Why not just use humans.
Humans are too boring, mate, and besides we like to see our specialties.
But why does that have to be reflected in the race, they'll all have different uniforms and design aesthetics anyways.
It's just a metaphor for different armies right, so why not focus on defining our armies and decide cosmetics later.
Well that's what I meant in the first place.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Anyways, so offense specialists right, got to have the offense specialists.
Like do lots of damage per unit or lots of units.
I think of big units as more defensive, since you can't risk them as easily.
True, so offensive army, lots of units... got it.
Well there should be a mix, maybe have bigger units that carry smaller units.
Like walking troop transports... could be cool.
Yeah but you'd need some way for the other armies to stop that, sounds like a pain to me.
Hey guys, why are we designing an RTS again?
Because we want something that sells.
Why not have like the first person story of one of the soldiers in one of those troop transports.
I don't know, commanding an army from first person is a pain in the ass.
That's not what I meant-
So yeah, maybe like a big wall the walker has to get over, with anti-transport turrets.
Ahh, that's a good idea, but how about we make it so regular troops can just walk through it.
Then what was the point of having a big fucking walking transports in the first place.
Well they should still have more health, maybe they can get troops to the wall in the first place you know.
Hey how about we have some troops with anti-wall weapons. That way the transport walks up, and the player drops troops long enough to pound out the wall, then they all get back in and march through the base.
Hmmm, something doesn't click totally, but sounds on the right track.
That would make an awesome Normandy-esque scene.
Nah the camera is too far back.
I'm still thinking in... oh forget it.
Why not make anti-wall vehicles. That way the troops stay inside all the way, but the player is forced to build a workable attack force.
That's it, perfect.
So anyone think walking buildings would be an awesome hat for the offensive team? Those transports could just be their defensive bunkers you know.
Yeah, but now we know what the offensive team's hat is, what about the defensive team? Don't we need something for them to do about all this?
Ahh, ECM.
What, what about ECM?
Well you know, have them shut down the vehicles and shit.
Electronic warfare all around, we can have them give to-hit penalties as well.
So maybe their story could be their a bunch of commandos, we'll give them a bunch of expensive but powerful infantry and good base defenses.
Works for me.
Commandos vs....
Vs. Corporations!
Eh, sounds about right I guess. Great another game about evil corporations.
Who says they have to be evil, the commandos could be evil.
So evil government, also brilliantly original. Now all we need is the token aliens to unit them until they start discussing salvage rights.
Aliens... not a bad idea.
A very bad idea. No way I'm working on something that overdone.
Okay, no aliens, jeez...
So team three?
Do we need a team three?
Yes we need a team three.
Because it's the magic fucking number in RTS. If you want to succeed you have to have 3 races.
And we're back on races.
Well hats, basic play styles, whatever. Doesn't have to be races. (Though it should)
What are you muttering about now.
So team 3, what's the hat. We've got walking buildings and electronics jamming.
Biological tech?
Nah, that would just be crapping all over the commandos.
Would be a little too convenient for the commandos.
So how did the commandos wind up deciding what our third team would be?
They didn't, but it's not like we can make this in a vacuum.
Mixed forces?
Yeah... standard as all shit, but we may have to go with it. Put it down as the secondary option. We'll use it if we can't come up with something else.
... Elaborate, please.
Well basically, the tech would be based on mobile groups and burrowing tech. Give them some decent mines and make their vehicles cheap and attack oriented.
Could use some refinement, I guess.
Well basically, they would be able to hide from the corporations, but not the commandos. The corps would have the numbers to take them on in head to head fights, while the commandos would have to fight them in almost guerrilla warfare style. Both would have their advantages, and their disadvantages against 'em.
Works for me.
Yeah me too.
Okay guys, that's it for today's meeting. Tomorrow we talk units, let it simmer and hash some stuff in your head. Bring your laptops we may need to excel some figures and formulas.
All right see you around... Wait, whose the evil side again.
Make it the new ones.
Shit, evil terrorists. Man we just get less and less original all the time.
Fine, make em all evil. We can just make them all self-righteous pricks and be done with it.

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  1. You really would not believe how familar this really sounds to a lot of my meetings I've had over the years while working on FOA, Unfortunately..