I've been wanting to get my arse back into EVE or playing Left4Dead lately. Unfortunately, I just really have no money whatsoever. The thought has occurred to me, that I could probably do 10-12 page comic books about someone's character in exchange for an EVE Game Time Card or a 20 odd page comic book for Left4Dead. But before I put up anything official about it, I was wondering if sounded like the kind of idea people would be interested in...

Part of what concerns me is at present moment I'd be doing it entirely on a 4x6 tablet, which pretty much guarantees some shaky line-art as the natural tremor of my hand prevents me from drawing a straight line with that kind of magnification.

In other news, I'm starting to get down to work on some modeling for a portfolio and demo reel. I figure I'll try and pick up some contracts in that while I wait for things to get from point A to point D in my life. No real surprise here, but faces are still a pain in the ass. >.>


  1. A couple of other ideas for you.

    Do a comic series and set it up using a membership site PHP script as a subscription based comic. Or you could do the comic and sell it as one of the self-printing dohickies. I think Amazon have a service that allows authors to create print versions of their work. You may be able to do the same with a comic.

    Another idea, set up a small comic, just a few panels, that would fit on a t-shirt and use Cafepress or one of those other services to turn it into a physical product. Then sell them online.

  2. like turning something like this into a mousepad?