Proposition 8 - My Opinion

The more fools we, that when faced with not but a discomfort, would legislate our own right to oppress ourselves. To what end does any state take the reigns of self governance and in it's own bravado declare it's own unalienable right to oppress those who would seek protection from it. Indeed, why had we in so much fervor supported those who bled for our rights, if we would not accept the responsibility of bearing tolerance to others that all who have sought the protection of a state may live in the equality we had hitherto promised.

How quickly we forget, and chart the wisdom of those past as mere words. The rights which were declared unalienable are to, at earliest convenience, be overturned. Not our silence, but our loud approval greets the thought that even the barest majority of voices has the right to silence all others. Were I not already a depressed misanthrope, this would surely push me over that edge.

A foul people by any measure who would take the moniker of one who had reveled in perfect love, and use it as a shield behind which to excuse their bigotry. I should say, the human is a foul creature from the start, and cease to live in such amazement of the insanity and cruelty they display. Unfortunately, I have hope still, though desperately unfounded, primarily due to my inability to bear the conception of a future in which we cannot change these base instincts.

Still... yeah, we're fucked. (I'm not entirely sure who I mean by we.)

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