Referrential Scrap

Memetic revolutions are on the rise apparently.

It seems I was just awarded the Honest Scrap award for blogging brilliance from not one, but two of my fellow bloggers. Copra of Bull Copra and Ardua of Echoes of Nonsense.

This meme has a few guidelines to go with it. Namely that if you are going to participate, then you should write a post celebrating you're getting it, including the name of the person who nominated you. From there you need to hand out the award to seven more bloggers who you feel deserve it. Finally, the meat of the meme is that you then have to write 10 honest facts about yourself.

So first the awards ceremony... This is going to be rather difficult, since I'd prefer to find people who haven't already been tagged.

iMMOvation, is a blog maintained by Wiqd in which he details his thoughts on a Harvest Moon inspired MMO. I personally enjoy reading it, especially as he deals with many of the issues that are best faced by looking outside the core combat focused sensibilities.

Raph Koster's Website, honestly, if you don't know who he is, now is a great time to learn.

The Ancient Gaming Noob, Wilhelm is a fellow EVE player, though much richer than I am. He's pretty much always a good read in my opinion.

Construed, it's always good to read about the rest of geekdom that I don't usually spend tons of time reading about.

Kill Ten Rats, Ethic, Zubon, Ravious, Oz if one of them isn't writing something you're interested in, just wait.

Anyway Games, I don't comment enough, but it's so much to think about.

Stylish Corpse, I know she's already been tagged, but I just can't make this list without including her.

On to the meat, the honesty.

1. I drink 6-8 cans of Mountain Dew a day on average. I still have only a few usable hours of energy a day.

2. When I was in sixth grade, I was the alternate for the Math fair and it so happened someone was sick the day of. Wound up taking home 9th in city. That was strange.

3. I've never failed any of my four History classes in college, in fact I got a B in each. Which is strange since I also failed to show up for my final every time. I liked that professor, for his excellent lectures... honest.

4. I'm mortally afraid of heights, job applications, crowds, people talking to me while I'm cooking, and driving on the freeway.

5. I'm ten to fifteen minutes early to every appointment. Only broken when I'm even earlier because I allowed myself more time in case I got lost, and in this case didn't.

6. When it comes to time, I generally have no idea what time it is, or what day it is, which means every appointment rules my life for hours before hand as I have to remind myself to watch the clock.

7. I haven't read a book in a couple months. I don't know why, just haven't been down to the library lately.

8. Despite knowing every trick in the book for self organization and time management, I honestly can't get myself to stick to any of them.

9. I prefer to sleep on the floor.

10. My singing range is from low bass to high alto.

I have no idea if anyone is even going to care, but yeah, that's ten true facts about me.


  1. I was going to comment but I got distracted.

    "8. Despite knowing every trick in the book for self organization and time management, I honestly can't get myself to stick to any of them." Meeee too!

  2. If you can see the desk underneath your stacks of papers, notes, folders and other stuff, you aren't busy enough. Meh!

  3. I had to lay off the mountain dew myself, 12 pack a day gave me stomach problems.... :(