Sleeping with Sleepers.

Welcome to the first ever edition of the EVE Blog Challenge! The monthly EVE blogging extravaganza inspired by the “Blog Banter” and created by AnMiTh.  The EVE Blog Challenge is about story telling, and relaying our experiences in EVE in new and exciting ways. The stories/posts that are created are both, long and short, detailed and not so detailed, but it is always fun to see everyone’s interpretation of the source materials. Questions or comments should be directed here, and if you are interested in signing up to participate go here.  Anyone can submit source materials, to do so email them to us here.


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This months source materials were submitted up by AnMiTh from EVE Guru.


The sun glistens off the side of the H.N.S. Dutiful as she slowly glides through space towards the station orbiting Amarr. This has been the end of a long journey, you had to go through the fire and brimstone of hell, but yet you made it in one piece. Those bastards were right when they said it would be tough, they were also right when they said you would be rich.



The ship glides to a stop as the station’s docking computer takes over control of the massive Bestower. Before you are even ready to exit your pod the request is sent to your computer… “They” are ready for you in the meeting hall, they are anxious to hear about the journey and the status of the mission that you are on.

Unfortunately, "They" will have to wait, Sara Cognita thinks to herself as the artificial amniotic fluid of the pod's metal womb drains out. It was several interminably long seconds before the pod had opened enough for her to slide out into the cold air of the docking port. A few members of the dock's hospitality staff hurried out and began toweling her off, while one found the pod's personal effects chamber and removed her uniform.

As she was dressing a member of her management staff approached to discuss the sales figures for their shuttle production. Mere moments later and they were walking down the stark, yet elegant corridors of the Amarr station towards the suite that she had rented for the evening. A pretty, young assistant hired from one of the local temp agencies greeted her at the door, showing her in and giving a quick overview of the main rooms extensive computer and communications system. "Be a dear and pass on a message to the Ishukone delegation that the package is on it's way. Also that their to meet me in this suite in an hour."

Some part of the Khanid woman's mind delighted in making the stuffy Caldari businessmen rearrange what were probably very carefully laid out plans. Unfortunately a more honest part was sizing up the luxurious couch for it's napping potential. Even after being a pod pilot for over a year, it still wore her to the bone to make long journeys. Especially ones with cargo that were something of a mystery in themselves. There wasn't any mystery why Ishukone would be interested in Sleeper parts, but these had been laid out very specifically. None of the parts made particular sense either, no targeting computers, weapons, advanced tech. Instead it was a couple of coolant regulators and an acceleration overlord.

While advantages in those parts may open a market for them, it was hardly worth the price they'd placed on them. A cursory scan or two taken for her own personal blueprint collection hadn't shown significant improvement either, and entire sections that didn't seem to have any correlation to the workings of the rest of their respective units at all. Taking a mental note to recover more Sleeper parts for themselves later, she switched on one of the communications terminals. With practiced ease she dropped a few encoded mails to corporate headquarters to be processed to their proper recipients.

Half an hour left, she mused, enough time for a short nap. In a few moments she had drifted into a light sleep, hovering on the edge of some unfathomable dream.


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