Going out on a limb here.

Short, sweet, to the point, if a publisher cancels your favorite MMO, I say you have the right to be mad. Forever.

This isn't because I think all of the companies should be forced to support their old products indefinitely, or because I think they should keep running unprofitable games. It's because if you aren't going to get worked up about whether the entertainment you love is available to you, who is? Unfortunately, or fortunately, you are your own consumer advocate, and if you stop advocating, why should they give a shit?

Not that your voice, pissing in the wind, is going to make tons of difference. Still, it's your voice, and if it ain't speaking for you, who is it speaking for?


  1. TV shows get fan campaigns all the time to save them. Rarely does an MMO. If more people worked at keeping the games they love going, who knows what we might still have.

  2. Yeah but in the case of one of my favorite shows...Firefly...stupid studio cancelled the show anyway...if it wereen't for the myriad thousands of fans across the globe and hounding Joss Whedon to death to sequel it or make a movie then we never probably would have gotten Serenity...thank god we did....I agree those be voistrous...good or bad...for your game...