Q and A

I've decided to run another open Q and A. This is partially just so I can get feed back on how many people are actively reading, and any concerns that people may have. So please, ask me anything at all, on topic or off. Anything you want to know, just ask.


  1. I'm still actively reading, don't post a lot, little time but I try when I see something peaking my interest. I'm wondering (aka ?)...Why the open liscense change on your part for The Shattered Worlds IP. I see there's a good amount of background to get started with as far as lore goes and what not, but how does it feel inside for you to give away what you've worked for to others to desecrate or expand upon or even create new content. Is it workload? because of being a one-woman band with so much to do to bring a world to life or is it to get your work/world out publicly for others to give you credit to get other work or ..i guess what i'm asking is are there ulterior motives to releasing your work either conscious or subconscious? Cause I'd like to help ya where I can...

  2. I really can't claim to be entirely without ulterior motive. Somewhat obviously, the more it gets used the more my name gets out there and the more 'credability' I gain. But at the same time, I'm not entirely cynical in my reasoning, just logical. The way I see it, right now this IP has almost no value, to myself or anyone else. If on the other hand more creators add onto it and increase it's value, that value is shared by everyone.

    What specifically led to my opening it was the workload. As much as I love the setting, and as much work as I've put into the design, I simply don't have the manpower to create games that work well within it's setting. On top of that I have a few more immediate projects taking up my time, but I don't want to loose steam entirely on Shattered World.

    I suppose as a more final thought, once the idea occured to me, I also found it kind of fascinating. For good or ill, this IP is now out there not just to be used, but even to be profited off of. If this does manage to take off and go anywhere, I think I'll be just as happy watching where it goes as I would if I had made it all myself.

  3. Thanks for your sincerety. I look forward to seeing the IP expand.