Visual Metaphor

I was watching The Hulk, season 2 episode 1, today and saw one of the best visual metaphors I've ever seen. There was a young boy playing in the waves with a frisbee, and he was trying to push the waves back out to sea with his little frisbee.

If there hasn't been a time I've felt like that in recent history, well I'd be surprised. Of course, I'm generally somewhat more frustrated and less enjoying the play time than the child in the surf. Some days it feels like the ocean just keeps pushing in, and I just keep pushing back. There is something important I want to keep it away from, I know that, but sometimes I don't know what.

My dreams have been changing lately, each one is somewhat stranger, more terrifying in it's own way. I... I'm not going to go into them.

I've still got a project to occupy my time, and I'm off job hunting again. I'm presently bank account free, so no monthly charges of any sort for me. Gonna enjoy netflix on the 360 while it lasts.


  1. I don't remember a time when I saw you on XBL and you weren't watching something on Netflix.

    It's a good service. It can suck away hours if you let it.

  2. the xbox 360 itself, just sucks hours away from my life. Games like fallout, depressing as the world is, just mystifies me with the amount of sheer things to do. I can be lost in side content and exploring for ages before realizing I've not even done much of the main story. 2 weeks of my life gone into it and hadn't even gotten to galaxy radio part of the main quest. The biggest part I think that's fun about it, is the choice, to be good, to be bad, what are you going to do in any situation. So engrossing.

    Oblivion even morrowind did the same thing to me, 1.5 yrs worth.