My Powersupply is kaputz

After some creative outside fan usage, my power supply has finally overheated for the last time. The 600w monster was the only one in the entire house compatible with my rig, so, for the moment, my gaming rig is officially bricked.

I'm writing this on what used to be my secondary computer, I had lent to my parents, who are now lending it back. GeForce 3, 1.5 ghz, and 512ram... down from my 8800, dual core, and about 4 gigs of ram. Truth be told though, it's not playing Crysis on high that I'm really going to miss for the next little bit. No, it'll be the absence of my music and video collections.

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  1. I feel your pain, I lost my laptop back in December to a dead dedicated video card. Took almost a month to repair from HP at a too steep price ($500).

    My laptop is attached to my hip most of the time, can't live without it. Everything from gaming, to movies, writing, designing and music, even reading, all of my ebooks are on it as well .../sigh....hopefully you'll get a replacement soon ...:D