Patience Rewarded

I've been having a hard time focusing lately, especially on the whole job hunt. You see if I had a job, I'd probably want to move out of my parent's house, and if I were to move out of my parent's house, I'd transition. My parent's are rather hard line Mormons, so as much as I love them, I've always thought that once I transitioned, I wouldn't be able to see them and talk to them anymore.

Today, my mother told me that even if I transitioned, I'd still be welcome to visit them, and to keep in touch.

I can't... I don't think I can say what this means... shit I think I'm going to cry. Anyways, just, have a great day everyone. Be happy, and don't sweat the small stuff, yeah.


  1. :D they really do love you after all, grats :)

  2. Parents love their children whatever happens. That is, if they are human at all. Even the parents of total monsters have known to forgive their offspring even the most heinous crimes.


    Because the child is. That's all.

    Cheers even through the tears. Sometimes love isn't so easy to accept, especially when it becomes as strongly covered.


  3. That is great that she said that you are lucky to have her. You are lucky to have that response.

  4. Thanks for commenting everyone, I really appreciate that I have friends that, even if we've never met in person, care.