Ronin Beat Randomization

After having the chance to mess with it on computer, I'm not particularly happy with the randomness of Ronin Beat. On an actual tabletop where the players are rolling the die I'm willing to stand by the d10 roll, but not in the computer where it makes everything a crap shoot.

What I'm thinking is that I'll change to a numeric damage output, but keep the health pips as is. The way that would work is that each person/enemy would have a max damage, if they take under three quarters of that in one hit, it's a glance, over three quarters it's a gash, and over the max it's a down. This would also segway into the introduction of levels, as those would have to determine how hard you could hit, and be hit.

Unless I get feedback to the effect that people are completely enamored with the random factor, I'm going ahead with that change.

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