Shattered World Pt. VI - PvP and the World

The World

Building Cities and Travel

In Shattered World, PvP and the World around you are intrinsically linked. While the Demons may control the Western side of the island, and the Angels the Southern tip, the vast majority of the island is uninhabited wateland. This wasteland is the first and final destination for most players. With enough biomass, you and your guild can build a city all your own to make or break.

The world represents two intrinsic resources, travel routes and arable farm land. Both are potential sources of biomass and/or scrip for a resourceful guild. Since you gain biomass from killing players, controlling a travel route can gain you easy pks, but of course it won't be long until your area is avoided. On the other hand, you can make your area a safe zone, making certain high level guild mates are always about on patrol for trouble makers. If you can attract the heavy money crafters or large sections of business, you may find yourself with a reliable and profitable tax revenue from exchanges within the limits of your city.

Of course much like steel in the real world, it's your arable farmland that really represents your guilds actionable power. At present, I'm still trying to decide on what time frame I will work the farming. For instance will it be an instant action with very small rewards, or will it take multiple days to set up a good plot of farmland, grow the crop then harvest. I'm actully leaning towards the multi day system simply because it means poeple don't feel the need to be on seven hours doing nothing but farm. Either way, the amount of land your guild can farm and defend is a major factor in how much clout you hold in the area.

Building a city also allows you to build two important buildings, the field portal generator and the portal hub. A field portal generator is a form of energy channeling which is capable of bending space a comparativelty short distance, just within the confines of the island. A member of your guild equipped with a field portal kit can set up the kit and you'll have an instant travel portal to it's location. The hub on the other hand, is a series of smaller portals that connect to hubs owned by cities owned by guilds which have a good standing, or are in the same alliance with you.


In WoW, if I were to talk about PvP, the basis of it would be how, where, and with whome you would be fighting. However, in this case all those are already answered just in talking about character progression and combat. (Sorry, I'm trying to get that post back, but I will rewrite it in the next few days if necessary.) No, the basic unit of PvP in Shattered World is politics. It's every bit as importnat who you aren't fighting as who you are, how many useful individuals you can recruit.

Joining a guild, and it would be near suicide not to, is a major decision, not to be made lightly. Much like EVE, joining a guild goes on your permanent record, meaning you can't just switch between arch-rivals on a whim.

This means there is a need for a few powerful player level tools for identifying other players. Each player will therefore have a small color bar next to their name, it will be a shade somewhere between blue and red for players not in your alliance, red is indicitve of a hated or target guild, while purple is indicitave of neutrality, blue means they are favored. Within your alliance the bar is between green and yellow, greenest being a guild-mate, while yellowest is a very low standing alliance mate.

Players on your guilds KoS list will show a black skull over their head, and players on yuor Alliance's KoS list will have a silver skull over their head. Players on your ignore list will have a microphone with a line through it, and players on your personal KoS list will have a golden Skull above their head.

Also since there is an inherent group aspect to PvP certain appearance upgrades will be built solely around working in a larger group. The Bestial Head upgrades will allow you to detect players out to a certain distance, dependant on the biomass in the ability, tracking of individual players will be available at higher levels. The Tentacle upgrades will have a snare heavy ability cloud, much the way the kicking style (high speed, high strength, high kick attack) segment of the unarmed ability cloud will be heavy on cooldown slowers and stuns. Shields come with blades making them viable weapons and abilities allowing you to cut in and take damage for an ally, making heavy tanks usable in certain areas of PvP.


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