Can you give a girl a map?

Okay, as some of you may know I posted this whole write up on some thoughts for a wargame. I've got a lot of it down on paper but there is one thing missing before I can really start testing the numbers out... MAPS!

So I'm really hoping some of you will be in a happy mood and want to help me out. The terrain can be pretty much freeform, no hexes or squares here. For now I'm thinking of a scale of 1 inch = 10 meter, I can change it easily enough later just so long as I have something kind of standard right now. Although the setting is sci-fi, I'm not too concerned with what flavor you give the map, just so long as you make certain all the stuff is sized correctly, this should just be a drawing that allows people to recreate the terrain themselves, anyways.

Anyways, the kind of stuff I'm mostly looking for includes urban, light woods, a military encampment of some sort, and maybe an airfield of some sort.

Thanks in advance for even deciding to look at this!

I just had a thought, we may need to change the scale since a rifle can fire going on 300 meters with relatively good accuracy, and no way in hell I'm wanting 300" maps. so I've changed it to 1"=10m.

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