A morning in the life.

Jennifer Cruise sat comfortably in the brightly lit window office. The chair she was sitting in was black leather, and well padded. Across from her Mr. Miyatamo was reviewing her resume, critically appraising what she thought to be the work history.

"Well, Mrs. Cruise, you seem to have some history working for Japanese companies. I find that important in potential employees, many Westerners are, shall we say, shell shocked by the organizational differences."

"Domo arigato, Miyatamo-san. I was well liked with my former employers, though obviously there are some differences in position and responsibility."

He smiled slightly at the Japanese. Even in a world where translations were accurate and instantaneous employers still liked employees who took the time to learn a few words. "You certainly do come highly reccomended. This has been very informative, Mrs. Cruise, I will inform you of the company's decision within a week."

"Again, domo arigato. Have a pleasant day Miyatamo-san, I will look forward to hearing from you."

After they exchanged bows, the office melted away leaving Jen in her kitchen. She walked calmly to the refrigerator, flicking her eyes to the left calling up a pair of blog posts. One from her wife the other from their neighbor. The two posts scrolled by at her typical reading speed, the text adjusting color to remain visible against the background.

Her neighbor was a particularly entertaining sort, always some sarcastic bite to his words, but always truthful. Today it was politics, yesterday it had been technology, of course it would be about the coming elections in Germany, he had family there she recalled. She almost dropped her bowl of cheerios on the way to the table when he so elegeantly summed up the strangest candidate as having "Ron Paul's solid brass balls, but no heart to speak of".

It was somewhat harder to read her wife's blog. More painful in it's way, as she mused on the effect her nanite treatments were having, or in this case failing to have, on her breast cancer. For all their technological savvy, there wasn't much more that technology could do for her. Soon enough she would have to start Chemotherapy, the ultimate last resort, but probably their last hope. It was hard not to feel another small piece of her heart chip away.

Giving up her career in Microbiology had been hard, but it wasn't paying so well these days. It was time to put that masters in business development to work, and perhaps she could keep them from falling too far behind on the medical bills. Medical nanites were still far more expensive than consumer nanotech, and after five treatments in as many months, the cost was overwhelming in all senses.

After a few moments, she started subvocalizing a blog post of her own. She set the maximum privacy settings, making it a record rather than an open entry. It twenty minutes to set all her fears, concerns, and complaints into a digital wall of text twelve paragraphs long, and less than half a second to delete it all. She began again, setting the privacy for friends and family, and composed a few short paragraphs about her excitement over what could be her new career.

A couple RSS feeds caught here eye and she pulled them up, careful to make sure they overlay the table, which was pure white for just that purpose. The morning news was discussing the recent changes in weather, apparently it was going to be a bit chilly this morning. Also her former team had just made a minor breakthrough, not the kind of thing that really made the grants roll in, but enough to make sure their lab would be open for at least another ten years. She was happy for them, really...

All in all, one more day for enui to take hold. One more day she should really be spending with her wife in Peru. One more day she wouldn't be getting back.


Attis' Mud back story has had me thinking about this a little, and then Brent's tech episode just added to it. Honestly, it seems to me that the next logical steps in technology and communication seem to be all in one solutions and access points. Perhaps it'll culminate into Mesh technology connecting all of our incredible implants, or maybe we'll regress back to the stone age. I don't know, just got me thinking.

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