The ALPHA! (Open Alpha Testing: Tabletop Wargame)

I've gotten to the point where I'm ready to release the core rule set so far into the wild for some testing. If I could actually get the pictures off my camera I would show you my playspace, but it isn't cooperating.

What you will need:

- 8 1"x1" squares, one edge needs to be marked as the forward edge. 2" tall is the best height for an object, but the z measurement of your unit representation really doesn't matter.
- A table.
- Some scenery and cover, it doesn't matter what it is made out of so long as it exists. The height is important as it represents the real height of the object.
- As many character sheets as you want unit measurements.
- One quick play card for each player.
- Percentile dice. These are two ten sided dice with one of differing color than the other, or having double digits on it.
- A neutral arbiter may be required in cases where players can't be trusted to follow the honor system.

Before you get the table setup:

Before you are ready to play, you will need to set your limits, build your kits, and set up an officer.

Limits You can limit a game by dollar amount total with which to build an army, by total dollar amount per unit, or by number of units. You can also mix the three in whatever combination best seems to suit your groups preferences. You may also create limits as your group sees fit.

Kits Kits are the type of unit you will be creating. For the moment, I only have test information for standard infantry and smgs, but far more is available. Head over to the armory to see the current information on what is available.

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