Sons of Laconia: A Fundraiser

So here is the deal, I needed money for new equipment, new tablet, eye exam/glasses, new monitor, and came up with a decent idea for raising the funds. You see the most expensive item on the list costs about 300$ and I mused to myself that if I could receive one dollar from each of those legendary Laconians it would be enough to pay for it in and of itself. Of course those Spartans are far beyond any hope of extorting for their precious iron bars, but I on the other hand being an artist can resurrect them!

For the next 300 days I'm going to draw a Spartan a day in the hopes of receiving a $1US donation for each Spartan. If I collect enough to take care of those three needs listed above, then all excess afterwards will be donated to Child's Play.

Hopefully, this way everyone wins. I get some new gear, nobody has to front tons of cash, and if there is any left over it all goes to a good cause!

The Rules
If you leave a note with the donation for a Spartan themed request I'll try and fit it in as soon as I see it and can get to it.
Spartan is more of a theme. If I have to draw 300 Thermopylae ready Spartans I'll go mad. Expect a smattering of sci-fi and other high concept Spartans.
If other artists want to take part in this, contact me and hopefully we'll be able to work something out. To be honest I won't feel completely comfortable accepting help until I've reached a point where all the money is going to charity.
Lastly if nobody is donating, I'll probably keep on trucking with this anyways. Probably.



  1. Expect a donation on May 1st, and I am pretty sure I won't be able to equip all 300 Spartans. :)

  2. Thanks mate, and no worries. There is plenty of time left. All the time in the world by some reckonings. =)