The man sat in the middle of the room. His solid frame more than filling the chair. A slight red glow from his eyes casting an eerie glow on his face.

"So you all want to learn how to be a destroyer. Well, I don't give classes. There is no training method by which you can become a destroyer. The only way of becoming a destroyer is public knowledge, go into Sardij's tunnels and bathe yourself in the blood of hundreds of dark ones.

Of course, you will die in the process. The only question is whether or not you'll let that keep you down. Stand back up, you're a destroyer. Stay down and you're just another fool looking for glory in all the wrong places.

Personal experience tells me it helps to be a hateful son of a bitch. I held on a damn long time just to spit on the corpse of the bastard that gutted me. On the other hand, whoever you went in as is doesn't mean to shit to who you'll be when you come out. If you ever come back out of that tunnel alive, you'll be a walking mass of emotionless willpower. If that's giving you second thoughts, it's best to just back out now."

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