Lessons from the drafts.

Always write the story first and the disclaimer second. Otherwise you wind up with a stub about a story that sounds down right riveting and no memory of what the story actually was.

Before I post this, I feel that this particular story needs some amount of warning. Generally, I'm of the opinion that things should be left with a minimal filter, so I'm going to keep this story as it was originally intended. This means that this story will contain a number of graphic situations, and while I may not go into maximum detail of the situations they will be there. As the story progresses, murder, rape, torture and cannibalism all have roles to play in the overarching story. These are not used for the purposes of titillation or controversy, but rather because the fundamental themes of the story rely on their use to one extent or another. All that being said, I highly recommend you simply not read if you have an active imagination and a weak stomach.