When Night Fell

Wintertime Soldier
A Grave of Red and Black

A poem broadcast throughout the Twilight fleet before embarking on a mission. Also oft recited by human mercenaries before embarking on their own missions.

When Night Fell
The dawn is furthest, and the night seems darkest just after twilight.
The sentinels stand at watch, the certainty of danger keeping rest at bay.
In the corners and behind closed doors is muffled weeping.
Family all, departing into night's sweet fold, mourning those they leave at twilight.
The trappings of empire, the artifice of ancient hubris, now touching in their defiant stands.
As though to reassure, that though hard to see, dawn comes always after night.
Light remains even when we can't see it.

With care towards the coming night, the prayers of all are united in sorrowful discord.
With hope of meeting again in those sweet fields of promised youth.
Of the rest from care, and weariness to which they shall depart before dawn may shine.
Filled in peace as they prepare for one final moment of strife.
Greatest and final moment of beautiful glory, in it's terrible repulsion.
Such sorrow their duty, so painful their honor, inconsolable their sacrifice.
Death's debt assuredley paid.

Go we now before them, from twilight into the dark.
And from the night we seek the dawn, in our honor resting their memory.
In our hearts, their souls, in our souls their beauty, our cup filled.
We know not from whence our roads may travel, or if our paths cross again with twilight.
Yet fear shall not o'ercome us, nor anxieties overtake us, fears shall lay to rest.
Though the weight of worlds may rest on our shoulders, their courage shall give us strength.
Strength to tread towards the light.

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