A little sick today

Not only am I sick today, but I've been working my ass lately. Then I had my dad getting pissed, ironically, at my not working, that is working within his acceptable bounds. (Yay manual labor!) So the stress and all that has kind of been getting to me. Anyways don't really like the arm on this, but the rest is about as good I could have asked for.

By the way, that was done from reference of a photo by Runolfur Gudbjornsson. (http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/magical-metamorphosis)

Bonus Item: Priest

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  1. Yeah, something about the arm and the back is a bit out of proportion. But the facial expression is pretty pissed. I hope you had a better day despite all the sickness and work to do.

    BTW, awesome photos at Gudbjornsons page. I hope you get better soon.