Wargame First Draft Ruleset

Victory Conditions
When no more than 2 mutually allied City States remain.

A player who is destroyed is defeated.
A player who surrenders to another power is defeated.
A player who surrenders may be allowed, at the decision of the player they surrender to, to maintain control of their City State and forces as a subject of their conqueror.
Subjects are considered to have a permanant alliance to their ruler, but are not counted towards victory conditions.
Subjects may be deposed of command at the whim of their ruler.

The game is played in rounds.
Within a single round every player has 2 turns.
A round is split into halves.
During the first half, a player's turn consists of the first two phases, 1st Management and Movement.
During the second half, a player's turn consists of the last two phases, Attack and 2nd Management.
At the end of a round, the turn order is rolled to the right, in other words the last becomes first, first becomes second, etc...

-1st Half-
1st Management
-2nd Half-
2nd Management

1st Management
If resource or population loss from last round dropped the amount of resources or population available below that needed for army upkeep, the player must disband units of their choice until their balance is restored.
If any unit you own is within 3 passable hexes of water, an allied village or allied castle, it's dehydration counters will be removed if necessary.
After those two actions, the following actions may be performed in any order.
Hiring units up to the maximum capacity allowed by your current resources.
Upgrading towns up to the maximum capacity allowed by your current resources.
Placing any unused collection tokens.

Diplomatic States:
May/May not allow negotation of trade routes.
May/May not allow passing through ZOC.
May/May not allow attacking each other's units.
May/May not allow using each other's villages and towns as water sources.
If player's have given full allowance to each other, players may then choose to formally ally allowing them to have joint victory.
Players may make any agreements they wish, pertaining only to in game concerns, but they must explicitely define in their agreements if they wish to change between diplomatic states.
Diplomatic agreements can only be broken during the 1st management phase.

After you have agreed to allow trade with another player, you may establish trade routes.
Trade routes may be established between towns of different owners that are at most 8 passable hexes from each other, are connected by a contiguous body of water, or are connected directly by roads.
A trade route may only be 1 resource for 1 other resource, even mutliples of the same resource require multiple trade routes.
A village may maintain 1 trade route per level.

A unit may move as many hexes as they have MA.
A unit may move only once per turn.
A unit may attack an enemy unit so long as it is within it's MA.
A unit cannot end it's move on top of another unit.
A unit may not enter an enemy zoc without stopping on that hex.
A unit that starts it's turn in an enemy zoc may move so long as it's first unit of movement takes it out of enemy zoc.
A unit can cross one unit of water per turn like a normal hex so long as it's move does not end in water.
A unit that, for any reason, does end it's move on water is destroyed at the end of the player's turn.
A unit that, for any reason, does end it's turn on another unit is destroyed immediately at end of move.

The attacking player declares an attack by a unit.
The attacking player then declares which special abilities they may have that require declaration.
The defending player may then declare any special abilities being used by the defending unit that require declaration.
The defending unit then takes wounds equal to the attacker's attack score.
If the denfending unit takes wounds equal to it's defense score it is destroyed.
If not the defending unit deals wounds equal to it's remaining defense score to the attacker.
At the end of a full round, all wounds are removed.

2nd Management
The player may hire more units.
The player may establish more trade routes if possible.
As the final action of their turn, players add dehydration counters to any unit more than 3 passable hexes from a water source, and remove any unit with 3 or more dehydration counters.

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