Ronin Beat - New Testing Build

Testing Ready Build 2

- The damage model has been changed. Now you have a damage limit, when exceeded in a single hit you go down. When dealt over 75% of your limit in a single blow it counts as a gash. Under that is a glance.
- The d20 roll has been modified slightly. 1-15 are still dodges, and 16-18 are still normal hits. 19 is a 2x damage hit, and 20 or natural 0 as it's reported deals 2.5x damage on it's hit.

- Levels! You now have a level, and it has an effect on you. Unfortunately you do not gain experience at this time, instead you can test duels between equal level characters at levels 1, 5, and 10.
- A PC gains 20% increased damage and damage limit per level. A NPC gains 10% damage and 25% damage limit per level.

- The damage reporting segment has been updated to reflect the combat changes.
- Placeholder portraits have been added for the combatants.
- The program now has icon art.

Where to get it:
Please leave a comment in the thread if you are participating in play testing.

Also if testers could send an e-amil to RBeat.Update@gmail.com with the word "Tester" in the subject line. It'll be very helpful in allowing me to send out surveys and what not. I'll also try and keep more regular updates going out through it, and see if I can't fit some goodies of sorts into it somehow.


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  2. So just to be clear, if you go down - the combat is over?

  3. Right. Sorry I don't have more context around it yet.

  4. OK, I won't report that as a bug then. =)