"Listen, Ms. Glaswel-" He began in a calm reassuring tone.

"That's Mrs. Glaswel. It took four years hard fucking to earn that title, so I'll thank you not to forget it." Her manner was anything but reassuring. She shifted ever so slightly in her seat, but it gave the distinct impression of a snake coiling before a strike.

"Yes, well, Mrs. Glaswel... I'm afraid the company is undergoing some, restructuring."

It had been quiet on that particular floor of that particular building until just then. A sort of cloying silence had hung in the air, bringing with it a distinct sense of foreboding. That was changed in an instant.

"I'm FIRED!?" A few more moments of indistinct shouting and even less distinct middle management run around speak passed before the door flew open. "Yeah well you can take your 'inappropriate conduct' complaints and shove them up the nearest..."

Later that night

"So how was work today?" Her wife was leaning back further than her chair was designed to go, the foot she wrapped around the leg of her desk providing only a tenuous amount of support. The drawings scattered around her desktop ranged from barely started to almost complete, without any one really seeming to be the focus of the desk space.

"I... was." She started but couldn't bring herself to finish.

"Oh, you was. Sounds fascinating, care to elaborate?" The twinkle of mischief in her wife's eye set her on edge even more.

"I was fired, okay!" she snapped, glaring off into some unknown space to avoid having to look into her lover's eyes. The chair came crashing to the ground, spilling the young brunette artist out at her feet. She looked down incredulously as the laughing started, but then found herself joining in despite the tears she could feel forming in her eyes.

It was a short drop down to the ground where laughed together for a while. Finally the tears took over and all she could do was sob while the young brunette held her close. "We can't help it now," the artist mused, "might as well just relax tonight. We can worry about what to do about this tomorrow. So... what do you want for dinner?"

"Chinese." She half sobbed.

"Chinese it is then."

* * *

Hmm... I don't feel like this one has a proper ending. Oh well, I just wanted to get something written for now, maybe I'll come back and make some changes later.

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