New Question

So yeah, getting the chance to read some Marvel comic books. This fills my mind with a single all-powerful question.

Is it really a requirement that in order to be a superhero, you must be completely asinine and so convinced of your sheer rightness in all things that it does not at any point occur to you that there can be another way out of the present situation besides engaging in some sort of superhero slugfest? I mean, yeah obviously we all can't get along, but isn't violence as a first resort a bad thing?

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  1. But what is the normal audience of a comic? Boys aged 7-15? They're alomst all about the explosions and violence. Hero's with big muscles winning the day against some big evil master mind villain.

    Personally, I like a lot of the villains in comics. Many of them come up with some pretty devious plots to take over the world or revenge etc. More so then the clucky hero tends to be able to come up with. He relies soley on his power to get him out of trouble and save the world.

    With the exception of maybe Dr. X(Xavier from X-men) since he uses his mind as his power and is otherwise useless as he is crippled. However, even without using his powers he is able to come up with some very interesting ideas, mechanisms to discern intent and figures out resolutions to problems.