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Just some ideas that might take too long to work into anything real, but I feel like getting written down. If there is particular interest in the exploration of any given subject, leave some comments.

Person wakes up in a hospital, unable to remember their past, but with a perfect memory of everything that is about to happen.

A view from the inside of a severely autistic young girl, interpreting the real world around her through a fantasy world in her mind. (Would require more research, and may not be viable while still being applicable to the real world.)

Post Idea: Exploration of my main sci-fi plot, which revolves around the character Karen Tingan, in terms of how the plot has evolved from the initial ideas and concepts that founded it.

Off the wall romantic comedy about the queen of a small European country populated entirely by mimes, escaping her duties to be herself somewhere else and stumbling into the love of her life.

An over curious archaeological expedition accidentally closes, ironically, the door to hell. Various iconic avatars of death must band together with the agents of hell to re-open the door before the world is broken under the backlog of angry and tormented souls.

A map generator capable of procedurally producing sensible world sized environments, without concern for processing time. Output should be formatted such that it can be imported into future projects independent of platform or engine.

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  1. sounds like a really interesting story. The plot is intriguing from the gist of it. Writing, if it is a passion of yours, or an outlet, let's you flesh out a story that's dieing to get out. I'm not that great of a writer, but I do like to read. I just got back my feedback from the Deadrobotssociety contest and I failed to win anything. Maybe they were better writers, or pros, or my story just sucked ass, who knows really but it was fun to write the 5k words that I did get out to them in my submittal. I think the story could be told and I had some interesting twists for ideas. With horibble dribbled shit like twilight out there I thought my vampire story was very unique albeit sociopathic. I dunno if that story will ever get finished, let alone published, but it was fun writing it. ......Have fun!