I wonder

There are times I wonder how I come across on this blog. I write so much that never actually makes it to the publish button. To me that says that those are probably things I feel particularly strong about. So I can't help but wonder how well that conveys my personality.

Do I come across as the kind of person who would reply to, "is the sky blue" with "probably..."? In real life I don't often make affirmative statements, or paint myself into an opinionated corner. Here, I'm not so sure.


  1. Errr... you come across as yourself? It's your blog, write what you like! The blogs I *don't* read are the ones where it's obvious the author cares more about how many readers they have than about what they're saying. That's just meh. This isn't. I don't comment much, mainly because I don't always have something clever or insightful to say. But I'm still reading :)

  2. I'm in the same boat as Y. I read it cause I like it, you seem genuine to me and that's why I like reading. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Well, unless your a strange alien who secretes bodily waste through the pores of its horned fingers. But i've not seen many of those lately. Opinion pieces that you've written come across strong but they do have meat to them and for good reason. I respond mostly to the ones I like to discuss. When it comes to blogs though I know whatcha mean, i've read some of those blogs. I have my own i've not really kept up with on myspace, the kind where its a lot of me just venting or giving an update on my game progress but little meat or contention, but that's because its really my outlet and not anyone elses. If others happen upon, its ok, if not, well that's ok too.