Q and A

I want to test out something new here for a bit. As I rummage through the internet I find myself with a lot of different thoughts and so forth. Problem is, when I most feel like blogging about something, other than writing, it's because my emotions are starting to run high on the subject. So most of the time I refrain from posting, instead letting myself run off on a tear.

This time, how about we have a question and answer on pretty much whatever anyone wants to ask. Of course, I can only give opinions, but hey free reign to get my opinion on anything you want. I figure this isn't anywhere near enough direction, but this is a test afterall.


  1. Q - How's your first month of WAR been? Has your character focus changed or are you not as bad an altoholic as I am? Are you having fun?

  2. My DoK is sitting at level 21, my brightwizard at 18. Nothing else has really had the kind of staying power needed to get anything resembling play time. I'm not a big fan of open world RvR, great with huge groups vying for control, but beyond that it's back to down and dirty warfare. Warfare is fine, warfare for warfare's sake is kind of silly.

    Unfortunately the three most important elements of any MMO for me, crafting, economy, and socializing, are treated like WAR's red headed step child. Still Mythic have proven themselves to be significantly ahead of the curve in terms of launch time. They fix fast, and set a mood for dealing with issues early and often. The classes are still cool and often play fairly uniquely. And hey the Casualties are there.

    Am I having fun?
    No. Unfortunately I don't get to judge or enjoy the game based on what it is, without outside reference.

    I'm reminded of my MUSH days when you could almost always pick out the people who came from MUDs because they could never spell and always spoke in short clipped sentences. Back in the <100 user days, it was fine to have a clear line between combat games and social games, but hundreds of thousands of players and millions of dollars in budgets doesn't warrant a community center?

    I don't know. Some days I feel like we've invented the world's best VR googles and strapped em to our feet to use as clogs. But then, if everyone is happy with that, maybe I'm just not seeing something.

    Complete off topic tangent out of the way... Yeah, basically with few exceptions WAR has managed to thoroughly convince me to not change my opinion of it at all.

  3. Do you think there is truly a thing as a difference between sci-fi and fantasy or is it just the same thing masked in a different skin. Aka, Star Wars and LOTR (Knights vs Jedi, evil wizards vs sith and so on)


  4. In theory, no there isn't a significant difference. In practice, I think we see more human adventures in sci-fi. Almost all plot lines are about a person's adventure, that adventure is either an epic, public, adventure or a human, private, adventure. A large number of sci-fi authors have used the setting as a means of telling human adventures, while unless I've just missed something I've never seen a fantasy novel that wasn't an epic.

    Games are almost always epics as well. It's very rare that the purpose of a game is to speak on humanity. So as far as games are concerned, the two are simply interchangeable. In one case you just pretend they never have to piss in the bushes and in the other that spaceships have no latrines.