Anyone up for some text based creation?

I haven't been posting enough blogs, blah, probably wouldn't be very interesting anyways.

Anyways, I wasn't much in the mood to draw today, although I did manage to get pressure sensitivity working on my tablet so we'll see if that helps the quality. Consequently I put in a little bit of time and now have a mush I was working on online. There isn't much to see, but that is the great thing about mushes, you all can help me fix that if you want.

It's over at mush.thetagamerz.biz:4201, go ahead and stop in for a bit if you feel bored, or if you just have good memories of the text based days. The title of the mush is Dark Queen, and it is generally a high gothic theme.

For the people who not of MUSHes:
You're going to need a mush client... well you can get by with a telnet screen, but thats going to suck so don't.
http://www.xcalibur.co.uk/MuckClient/ <- should work for most windows based people. I'll compile a list later, though I only use that one myself.

Once you get in, your going to want to start a session, for Muckclient it'll be under options, others tend to have different ways with varying degrees of user friendliness, but they should all be simple enough to find from the start session button. In Mucklient after you open options, just hit the little plus sign at the bottom left. Enter Dark Queen as the session name, and under host name/ip address enter 'mush.thetagamerz.biz' then under port type in '4201'. You can ignore the rest, especially the first time.

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