Almost time to get a scanner set up.

I used my little 2x4 tablet to create some roughs... yeah, that's not gonna work too well unless I switch to Illustrator. Here are the roughs anyways, though.

hopefully you can figure out whats going on in page 1. It's hard to fit that much in, while still being understandable, when your just trying to get shit down to give you an idea where it should all wind up.

Another few of pages running through my head.

Page 4 (split into quarters)
A car is driving down an empty highway, nice long back shot from a ways in front. panel 1
The car passes a lone, small, figure walking along the side of the road. 90 degree shift in angle to be from the passenger side of the car. panel 2
Car comes to a stop pulling off to the side of the road. panel 3
A tallish woman steps out of the car. Panel 4

Page 5(again in quarters, need to pace the pages so that these two are across from each other, should make the air traffic terminal two pages probably.)
Camera moves to behind the car keeping it's facing, but putting the two figures on each side of the panel. The little figure is a little girl in a yellow sun dress with no shoes on. Dialogue for panel 1: ("Hey, hun, where are you're parents?")
The woman takes a step towards the girl. ("What are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?") panel 2
Finally the woman crouches down to only a little taller than the girl and reaches her hand out. ("Want to ride with me into town here? We can take you to the sheriff and he can help you find your mommy and daddy. How does that sound?")
Split the panel, one side is zoomed in on the empty extended hand. The other is the little girl taking the offered hand.

Page 6(Split in eighths.)
Top left side is a woman in flight attendant's clothes sitting at a table in an austere room lighting a smoke. The cigarette is shaking a little. Some dialogue reads ("Just tell us what happened on that plane, Ms. Janoway.")
Top right side is the outside of an airplane lavatory door with a strange hole about half way up. The door reads occupied.
Next down on the left is the interrogation, shes taking a puff. ("Ms Janoway, please answer the question.")
Next down right, a topless woman is dead leaning over the counter of the lavatory. She is visible only from the back where the gaping wound is easily visible.
Next down left, she holds the cigarette to the side. ("Ms. Janoway?")
Next down right, Ms. Janoway is curled up half naked in the corner of the lavatory, violently shaking and obviously crying, watching the door as the dead woman's sightless eyes watch her.
Next down left, she takes another puff.
Next down right, the door is open and a pair of Airmen are standing there with rifle's at the ready. ("We've got a live one!")

(I think I'm doing way better at the whole writing thing than I am at the drawing... so far at least.)

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