Yay, now you get to gain some insight in how I work on story lines. I'm going to go ahead and do something comically, or was that make a comic, who knows.

I'm just not feeling the two guys hanging out, talking about games humor comic. Instead I think I'll go with the traditional 21-24 pages per ish good ole American comic book. Problem, as much as I like the concept of a person with super powers, I hate super heroes and absolutely will not add another crappy comic to that overdone genre of doom!! So lets go with horror instead. I'll have to practice my faces a lot to get them believable anyways, so this is as good an excuse as any.

Horror... Serial killer? Nah, as much as the SK mind fascinates me, it invariably winds up following the detective/FBI agent investigating the case and I don't want to focus overmuch on law enforcement. Besides, I want something that leaves the reader questioning, something that I can show from lots of POVs and give information on a little at a time. I'm thinking monster horror, not giant monster, but monster. How about a Tsutomu Neihei Abara-esque creature. More like the main character, less like the creatures it fucks up.

Now I need a scene, something exciting to open the book and hook the readers, but one that also sets the tone for the rest of the comic. Some quick script brain storming.

Cover: Camera covers the wing of a plane, the fuselage is on the right side of the page. Something dark, with sharp long shapes is sitting on top of the engine. Title across the top. Bottom edge of the engine should be just above the bottom line of the frame.

Page 1: A passenger looks out the window of the plane. Camera should be be looking straight so that the window is centered in the panel. Should be the left half of the top third. The passenger begins to look distressed and waves his right hand, we don't record any words. Same angle as before. Right half of top third, should be slightly off kilter
Middle third: A zoomed out version of the above angle, showing at least three windows and people gathering around them.
For the bottom two panels, zoom in to the bounds of the window and show the dark figure standing up and walking towards the cabin.

Page 2: Show a disheveled air craft controller sitting at his terminal, but show at least half of the terminals on either side. Dialogue bubbles should read,
("It's walking towards the cabin. Oh god, what is this thing!?")
("Delta Niner-three-zero come to heading two one niner and maintain speed. Delta Eight-Niner-Eight come to heading three one five and increase altitude to twenty thousand feet. Get me a view of niner-three-zero's wing.")
("This is nuts, nothing could possibly hold on at those speeds.")
("Taking over the eastern group, air space should be clear in about ten minutes"). Top third.
The controller writes quick notes while taking a drink of his red-line.
("Delta Eight-Nine-Eight, Delta Nine-Three-Zero coming into view. Cloud bank in front of wing, can't make anything out yet.")
("It's near the cabin I can't see it anymore. Oh god we're loosing pressure! What's going on!?")
("Delta... Jesus Christ! It's cutting into the cabin! Was that a, passenger!? Control!? Control are you hearing... Oh god the blood!")
("Get me the Air-force!")
("Control to Delta Eight-Nine-Eight increase speed to three hundred and fifty knots and come to heading three one five. Get out of there, NOW!")
("Airspace is clear for next hundred miles!"). Middle third.
The controller stabs the scratch pad with the pen.
("Airforce is responding, escort is en-route.")
("About fucking time.")
("Control what's going on!? What the fuck is going on!?")
("Delta Niner-Three-Zero, this is control, Airforce is en route.")
("I can hear them screaming control! Let me put this plane down!")
("Delta Niner-Three-Zero, you will maintain your current heading and altitude until airforce escort instructs otherwise.")
("Airforce is reporting escort as three minutes out.")
("Three minutes till escort delta, just hold on a little longer.")

Page 3: The dark figure is standing over a man in a business suit who is desperately holding an oxygen mask to his face. The camera is facing away from the closest wall of the plane, letting you see the blood and devastation behind the creature and the open sky through the hole in the cabin. Top third, but could make the far left have the important scene and the right side just background.
The man sits exactly as he was before, while the creature runs to the hole. Middle Panel.
The creature stands in the hole, nothing behind it changing. Bottom third left. Then it disappears and the man finally starts spraying blood from his chest and neck. Bottom third right.

Probably going to change in some of the details, could change in length and pacing. I'll start storyboarding it tomorrow most likely.

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