A Recent Promotion

Well, the paperwork isn't through yet, but it seems I'm about to be promoted to an acting officer within my corp. This means I'll be a regular fleet commander, as well as taking a much more direct approach to my role of corporate trainer. The position is with the military wing of the corp, but chances are I'll still wind up active in every part of the corp as I usually am.

Our recent war has been going fairly well. After loosing at least one entire fleet to the guys hired to scout us out, we've managed to turn the tables on the corporation that started it all. We had been drawn into station camps and near station engagements by that first force, and the second force initially tried to stick to station camping our HQ.

First engagement was four of them, Brutix, Broadswoard, Vexor, and I forget the last but it was either tech 2 or a battle cruiser. About six of us with friendly support undocked and blew the Vexor to kingdom come, left the area, then came back and reversed the camp as the Broadsword would stop firing and then dock up every time his shields got low. From there we got used to the routine of hunting down most of their members, while the broadsword pilot stuck to 0 on station. The Vexor pilot has been hunted down religiously, loosing at least two assault frigs as well as a variety of other ships, but he's also been known to bait in a small ship then undock in a Megathron. Last time he did so we pinned him down and took him into hull before he could redock. We haven't seen his Megathron since.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the end of the war and getting back to mission running. I've had to dip into my EVEBank funds to keep myself within acceptable liquidity. On the other hand, my brand new Hyperion, built by a friend for a significant discount, is sitting at dock waiting for guns and insurance before it's worth flying.

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