Quick Eve Report

Sorry for the lack of posts, between my brother moving out, and getting back into EVE again, yes again, I've been a little busy lately.

I'm now happily flying a Myrmidon on level 3 missions, and have about 55 mil in the bank. When I was spamming the missions I got up to 72 mil, then lost 30 mil of that on a particularly stupid mistake in a just purchased Myrmidon that I somehow managed to forget to insure. Now I go more slowly, though honestly, spending 3 days in a row in corp mines, two of which I haven't even been paid for yet, doesn't exactly speed things up for ya. A few interesting market orders have crossed my desk, one I haven't seen any profit from yet, but it could get up to 4:1. The other returns at closer to 18:1, but it moves slowly enough I've only seen about 6 mil a week out of it. Gallente Navy standings are now 6.00+ so I can start running level 4s pretty much as soon as I'm in a battleship which isn't too far off skill wise.

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