Some WAR Photojournalism

From the first preview weekend: Enjoying the view of a waterfall in a tier 1 high elf area in my renown armor. Good news, only one archmage lost their life in my exploration that day.

Preview Weekend+: Queuing up for some Eckrund tier 1 jollies. I'm sure any number of players, playing many different races, can relate to this one. I'm pretty sure that I'm in mostly renown pieces, though I don't think the chest is.

Open Beta: Wandering around in my brand new Level 14 renown gear brought me out to the edge of keep looking off into the bay. I rather wish I could have moved the camera off center for this, but I still think they turned out all right.

Open Beta: Moments after taking the keep in tonight's rather epic battle in Ostland, I found some solace on the less crowded crafter level of the keep. Tonight's battle is the first time WAR actually impressed me with the sheer fun. Of course, the Casualties leadership and I are going to have to have a chat about the standard tactics if I'm actually going to be given that title. (I rather want the title and quite happily pay for my own standards.)


  1. I just don't think that I could get into playing WAR...as with WOW I would most likely get bored pretty quickly mainly just because it's a fantasy MMORPG and I love sci-fi far more...I could never get into the tabletop version either..I'm more of a roleplayer then anything but i'm sure it has quite th market for its pvp aspects of it....Agamemnon/FOA

  2. I've been pretty up front about this with Adam, and really anyone whom I've talked to about it.

    I play for the Casualties. Sure there are times the game is fun, mostly in PvP, but there are also times when it bores me shitless. Either way, there is a lot of world to see, and document, and plenty of lessons to be learned. (On that note, decide on a global cool-down time early on. Any instant attacks should take the full time of the global cooldown to animate, else wise you just get people spamming attack keys because the character isn't moving.)

    Mostly, love my people in Vent. Love having something to do with them, and the ability to get together and do something in game.

    When there is an MMO I really want to play for the game out there, I'm sure I'll switch over. But since they kind of have to compete with an ideal image I already have in mind, most games just don't stand a chance.