Well I just had a late night...

With a spreadsheet. Yeah, I'm a nerd.

Anyways, this means I now have templates for the basic weapons that support my current vision for the crafting system. Also it's kind of interesting watching how each weapon works and what it would obviously be useful for.

A weight based pole arm, like a halberd or a warhammer will be good for burst and will improve in terms of burst the heavier it gets. The longer your own reach the better.

A dagger does goodish dps but very little burst, the shorter your reach the better. Heavier will increase your burst, but won't really effect your dps.

A pike does truly godawful dps but incredible burst. Weight helps to some extent, but you'll also want to keep an average reach, the sweet spot is definitely between 1 and 4 feet.

The sword is basically just really average. It doesn't really do great dps, nor great burst, but does 75% of what each category's best does. Weight helps your burst and doesn't really effect the dps at all. Definitely one that is going to need good character skills.

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