Trying To Be Happier

I've decided that I'm going to try and take on my depression kind of head on. Mainly, I'm just going to try and inject some optimism into my life, but also some reality. To do this, I'm going to write one thing I'm grateful for, one thing I'm afraid of, and one thing I hope for.

I'm grateful for:
The sound of dice clicking together as I shake them. Sometimes it's right before a moment of anticipation, other times I'm using them as a sort of percussion instrument. There are times when I just roll dice to help me think. It always makes me more comfortable for some reason, and I'm grateful for that.

I'm afraid of:
Being alone... especially dieing alone.

I hope for:
Someone to describe a game I've made as beautiful.

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  1. Normally I wouldn't give feedback on something like this, but oddly enough I started doing something similar.

    To not make this post super long, short back story is: I was very unhappy with the way my life was going. So I have aimed to fix it.

    Some of my goals were: Start working out again, spend more time with family and friends, hit the pool at least 2 times a week to spend time with extended family. Be more social and go out to public places and to talk to people I meet there.

    And ultimately I quit MMOs (until one comes out that I cant stand to not play) and cut back on my excessive gaming in general.

    to comment on your post:

    I love the sound of dice clicking as well....I think most tabletop gamers do. Its a rather fun sound.

    Dieing alone? No one dies alone, unless your out in the deep woods or lost at sea....then in those cases you would prolly have to befriend a deer or dolphin.

    If you make it people with play it ^^.

    Best of luck to ya!