A time I thought.

There was a time I thought I'd be all right.

There was a time I thought I'd be all right.

I thought I'd be all right.

There was a time.

I'd be.

I thought I'd be.

There was a time.

I'd be all right.

I thought there was a time.

I'd be all right I thought.

There was a time I thought.

I'd be a time.

All right, a time I'd be.

A thought was a time.

All right.

There was a time I thought I'd be all right.


  1. It's hard to express my reasons or even really even what I want to say in response to this. I'll be honest, I don't even read you're blog. I just remember skimming it and seeing this post a few weeks back.

    What I know is that (I hope) I'm coming out of a night when all the bad things I've been thinking really seemed to cave in on me. I haven't had one of these in a while and I realized the cruelty of my indifference when I read what you were going through yet did nothing. I will not be foolish or arrogant enough to suggest that "I know exactly what you're going through", or even that "I can help you," but I did want to say at least that you aren't alone. I felt like I needed to say this (even though I feel like everyone does) because in my own battle against therapy, knowing that someone is with you in some small way helps. Depression may be a very personal and individualized disease/disorder, but your fight with it doesn't have to be. It's like boxing: The two fighters may be the only ones allowed to hurt each other in the ring, but they both have coaches and trainers and family to see them through it.

    Also, I saw the guy who did the GITS thing on your other site, and put this here so you know the tubes ain't all terrible.

    Thanks for reading my idiot typing.

  2. I honestly don't know if you're going to see this, sorry I missed it until now.


    Kind of a simple word, but I hope you can read from it everything that's hidden between the letters.

    Also, KJ and I were talking in chat and it was brought up that the GITS line was in my mind as I wrote it. So it actualyl is kinda sorta, almost on topic... in a way, if you really squint.