Blargh Groups

Not really a full post, but still.


A group can contain up to eight people, one of whom is designated the groups Liason. If the Liason accepts a quest it is automatically filtered to all members who don't already have it. Liasons with the antenae upgrade give a bonus to damage output to all members of their group, for melee it will be within a range of 15 meters, for energy weapons it will be within a range of 45 meters, approximately.

Eight groups form a company, the Liason for the first group in the company is the Officer. The officers bonuses are applied to everyone in the company, who is in range, and are doubled in range. An officer has access to Officer Shout, which will appear as a different color and in the center of the screen for everyone in the company, as well as to Liason chat, which is a channel for all of the Liasons.

Up to twenty companies may join together to form an army, headed by a General. The General has a choice, he can either enter the fray as a triple range, triple effect Officer, or he can enter Network mode, during which he becomes immobile and adds the bonuses from his upgrades to all Officers and Liasons in the army.

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