To the dipshits who call out the Signs aliens

"What kind of stupid people with an allergy to water land on a planet where not only is 70% of the surface covered with water, but the shit falls from the sky!"

We are. Us. Humanity. We fight on submarines at pressures that would instantly kill us. If given the chance we'd fight in space, where we cannot survive for more than a few seconds ANYWHERE. Hell, we even developed a way to fight 30,000 feet in the sky... watch that first fucking step.

Lets face it, if we found an alien planet with an atmosphere that was completely toxic to our simean asses we'd still be sending in marines and shitcanning them if they moaned about it. If it rained acid we'd just issue new tents and tell them grin and bear.

So no, that is not the question. The question is what kind of shit stupid alien race goes somewhere that has a toxic substance hanging in the air (humidity) and decides it's best to just walk around NAKED!

And now back to your regular schedule...


  1. I hadn't thought of it that way before. A highly advanced species, at least advanced enough to travel light years across space, and they don't even issue hazmat suits.

  2. lol, wow didn't even think about it either..ditto above...that's funny..