Progress Update

Pax Imperator

So in the land of my current game project, I'm having some trouble changing the color of the background. On the plus side, I managed to take a quick proof of concept with a single planet, and extend it out to having multiple planets and a camera. Next step is probably going to be some basic UI.

Fallout 3 Modding

I recently picked up Fallout 3 and it's been an eminently entertaining diversion. I also have it modded to high heaven and back... So I decided that I might as do some modding of my own for it. This has thus far produced the texture recolors for the faction seen here, the pistol I posted last night, and a triple damage mod that actually doesn't make the wasteland much more dangerous, but certainly makes the main character much more deadly.

A bit of thought as to the background of the faction, they are essentially a matriarchal society that sprung up around the survivors of Fort Knox. They weren't a serious power early on due to an alliance of four major raider gangs controlling Texas and the surrounding area. However, a GECK in a nearby vault malfunctioned and rather than terraforming the area it instead caused the growth of a single enormous tree. The tree then became a symbol of hope in the wastes and a new religion sprang up around it as people came in from all corners of Kentucky and Tennessee to be near it. The resulting increase in manpower, combined with their already formidable training program from some former spec ops members among them resulted in their coming to dominate the area. During early encounters with the enclave they stole a great deal of tech. Their access to surpluses of gold has allowed them consistently stay ahead of the pack in terms of electronics manufacturing. This has lead them into many head on confrontations with the Brotherhood of Steel.

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