Chase and Retreat

The sound of the TV drowned out the muted chatting of the cafe's occupants. "KAT7 News covering this thrilling chase through downtown Las Vegas, the suspect in a black Camaro..." A diner who had been absorbed in a book looked up for a few seconds but soon returned their attention to their book. Sheila sighed as she leaned on the counter, staring out at the peaceful swaying of the bushes outside the cafe's large windows.

"I've been thinking about paying a visit to my sister up in Reno. Haven't seen her in a while..." She said without looking at anyone in particular.

"... In another strange turn of events it has launched off the overpass and is now taking the side streets."

"Heh, it's not like you're heading out of state, what's the big deal?" The waitress next to her asks.

"Well, we weren't exactly on good terms you know. I have no idea how she would react to my just suddenly showing up." An awkward silence began between the two women, while the tv continued chattering away. The sudden ring of the phone on her belt made Sheila jump.

"Jack, what's up, haven't heard from you in a while..."

"... Once again, the suspect Nathan Langer is wanted for a shooting in Henderson at a local dance school..."

"I thought you guys were in Reno..." Her gaze at the window in front of her changed from one of boredom to shock.

"... It looks like the police are about to take drastic measures. A spike strip has been set up."

A distant sound of sirens began to penetrate the small establishment. "Jack stay right where you are, I'm coming over there right now."

"What's up?"

"Janey... My sister..." despite her expression not changing tears began to roll down Sheila's cheeks. "Was killed." The final statement came out flat, but her legs seemed to give way and she sunk down to her knees. "Listen I need to go now, can you watch the shop?"

"Sure thing boss. You go and do whatever you need to do. We'll be fine here!"

"... Tires are blown but the suspect hasn't been stopped!"

Sheila grabbed her coat and walked towards the door, the sound of sirens outside was becoming deafening.

"The suspect is loosing control of their car, spinning out of control!"

Sheila reached out to grab the handle on the door and noticed movement out the corner of her eye. As though in slow motion her head turned to see a black Camero sliding across pavement and sidewalk towards her. The signal to move passed throughout her whole body, but too late, between second and the next the side of the car smashed through the door frame picking her up and pushing her in front of it into the small cafe.

"... Smashed into the front of a store bringing this terrifying chase to a brutal close. Word from the ground is that there may be casualties in the building it ran into. Our prayers are with their families tonight..."

Jack sat in shock in front of the hospital barely sparring a glance for the detective questioning him.

"And what happened then?"

"Then he ran out the front door. I saw him get into a car, a Camaro maybe, black. After that I was too busy with Janey to really notice anything else."

"Well, LVPD should have the bastard in custody now. Do you have anyone coming for you?"

"Janey's sister. She owns a cafe downtown..."

"I see, well take care then." The detectives final words were drowned out by the sirens of arriving ambulances.

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  1. Pretty good tie in to the characters...I liked it...intertwined stories linked to the same event..