Artistic Tendencies

Just some recent artwork.

Got access to a scanner again, so here is some sketchwork. on Twitpic

Speed paint - The Unseeing Eye on Twitpic

Messing around in Photoshop. on Twitpic

Some modeling, twice smoothed in front, poly in back. on Twitpic

The March on Twitpic

And this one is NSFW:


  1. The red silhouette is excellent!

  2. Yup, /concur with Ysharros I like that one and the pointy chin on your top pic very anime/manga stylish which i've been doing a lot of drawing of myself lately...

    they're all pretty good, the bottom two are looking kinda cool to me as well..wouldn't want to meet those guys in a dark alley...and dunno the NSFW label is pushing it....it's just a drawing seems fine to me...for work...I dabble at work sometimes myself with stuff like that trying to get the character idea right...